Alan Joseph Silva

has been drawing and painting since he was five years old. Now, he’s utilizing the latest in equipment and technology instead of crayons and modeling clay to create his art. Alan’s preferred tool of choice is his trusty Mac Pro. Two years into art school, he didn’t want to owe a huge chunk of dough so he decided to start his career as a freelance illustrator, sculptor, airbrush artist, filmmaker and photographer. He has worked for Artistic Imagery and Silva Stills and Cinema as a photographer, videographer & editor. Currently, he’s been traveling all over CA with fine art and film projects that keep him on his toes.

When Alan isn’t creating art, you can find him conquering Half Dome at Yosemite, Skydiving  the Las Vegas Skies, kayaking across Lake Tahoe or sitting at home wishing that he could really do the things he just mentioned.

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